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Like a knife in my back you don’t reply to the words I send you, why is it that you refuse to let me know How you are, what you are doing, who you are with Who are you with? Don’t decree shit to me. Just leave me With these splints and messy hair unshaven […]

Word up

Read up                                                                                             choice Sit down                          write Mix up                          dance Lay down                          sing Read up                          choice Sit down                          write Mix up                          dance Lay down                          sing M…ooooooooooooooooooooooooooo (scratch, s-c-r-a-t-c-h)ooooooooooooooooooooooooo…M                         gnis nwod yaL                         ecnad pu xiM                         etirw nwod tiS eciohc pu daeR   […]


Held A visual poem using images taken on objects and surfaces inside or outside of my home in Forestville, South Australia, and presented on Youtube.

When will (the world end)?

When will (the world end)? A Zeega (poem). Pushing the boundaries with language games and new technology. Taking further the idea of Google Search’s predictive search suggestions.

Gif it to me baby!

Gif it to me baby! A Zeega poem playing with the .gif phenomenon!

Her body speaks silence

A Zeega poem inspired by feminist writer Patricia Waugh, and is in the Malaysian pantun form. Click on link below to access. Her body speaks silence by Glenn R. Simpson.

Pllng Vwls

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poetry is

poetry is poetry is dead poetry is gay poetry is like poetry is the spontaneous overflow poetry is the perfect form of expression poetry is not a luxury poetry is not a luxury pdf poetry is quotes poetry is what gets lost in translation  

do I need an umbrella?

do I need do I need stitches do I need glasses do I need a nose job do I need a filling do I need a glasses test do I need an umbrella today do I need an umbrella. Yes. do I need an umbrella tomorrow do I need a root canal do I need […]

How to boil an egg

How to How to tie a tie How to make pancakes How to write a resume How to work out a percentage How to train your dragon How to cook quinoa How to write a cover letter How to boil an egg How to get rid of pimples How to poach an egg